Freedom City Stories

Adventure 7
Introducing the new Freedom League!

This adventure was a very roleplay heavy session, with just one small skirmish combat to add some variety to the night’s game. The game began with each of the heroes landing outside of Freedom Hall in downtown Freedom City. The last adventure ended with Captain Thunder inviting the heroes to become the new Freedom City branch of their growing global Freedom League. The heroes were asked to come to Freedom Hall two days after the invite.

After going inside Freedom Hall, the heroes meet Cynthia, Freedom Halls robotic receptionist who calls up to Captain Thunder. The Captain comes downstairs to meet the heroes and begins to show them the private sections of Freedom Hall.

While being shown the rest of their new base, the heroes meet Daedalus as well as several other members of the Freedom League that are not in their new satellite base The Lighthouse. Eagle 1 shows he is rather starstruck by Daedalus, but does impress the veteran hero with the abilities he was able incorporate into the two armor suits.

In the sub-levels of Freedom Hall, the heroes are showed the geo-thermal power battery that powers the Freedom League Base as well as the training room. Captain Thunder leaves the heroes in the training room alone for a quick test of their combat and teamwork abilities. The Captain unleashes several powerful robots into the training room to fight against the new Freedom Leagers. The heroes made fairly quick work of the robots, with Eagle 1 snaring one out of the fight and Sgt Sledge destroying one with a spectacular feat of strength. Captain Thunder is left impressed with the new heroes’ abilities.

After the test, the heroes are fed and are told that they will be probationary members of the League for upwards of a year. During this time they will be watched rather closely and can be terminated at any time based on poor performance. Captain Thunder also tells them that while they can choose to either live at the Hall or off, one member will have to be on watch at all times and all members have to be ready to come at a moment’s notice.

Captain Thunder and the members of the League currently at Freedom Hall have already called a press conference out front to announce the newest members of the Freedom League. They go through an explanation of the Lighthouse along with their plans to expand the League to a global force of good, with teams in all major cities. The heroes are then called out to the press and asked a multitude of questions. The adventure ends with the press conference ending.

Adventure 6
Battle against The Reanimator

The previous adventure ended with the heroes beating Jeremy Matthews and the zombies created Jeremy’s friend Eddie, who now goes by The Reanimator. They convinced Jeremy, who was being pushed into robbing the bank by Eddie, to take them to where Eddie was located so they could stop the zombie invasion.

Jeremy agreed to help and the heroes headed the heart of downtown with Jeremy in the lead. The news copters were buzzing around following them. Jeremy took them to the back of one of the large office buildings downtown to a large water runoff grate that was ripped apart and a ramp went down to the tunnels below. The heroes, along with Jeremy, slowly made their way through a long stretch of sewer, taking the occasional turn.

After about ten minutes they began to hear the definite sounds of zombies up ahead: moans and groans that were unmistakable for the undead. They scouted ahead to find a central sewer at least 40 feet high with tunnels and pipes branching off in all directions. In this central sewer was a second wave of the zombie horde moving about the knee deep water adding their own stench of decay to the horrible smells already present.

Before a plan could be concocted, a light from one of the other tunnels caught their eye. From that tunnel stumbled in another group of a dozen or more zombies along with The Reanimator himself, who floated into the central sewer. To catch the villain unaware, the heroes quickly went on the offensive against The Reanimator.

Eagle 1 shot at the skeletal enemy as well as Sgt Sledge and Boulder 12 taking turns hurling each other at The Reanimator. All to no effect. It appears Jeremy was not kidding that Eddie truly gained far more power from the ritual.

From there the battle went The Reanimator’s way for a while. Prince Lightstar took a blast that was intended for Jeremy. The Reanimator showed his power to teleport, which Eagle 1, with his vision powers, was able to determine that the temperature in the location that the villain is about to teleport to plummets to near freezing right before he uses his power. While it did not come up in this battle, Eagle 1 has an ace up his sleeve for a future fight possible.

Sgt Sledge uses his thunderclap ability to deafen The Reanimator. Jeremy gets through Eddie’s forcefield with an energy blast. Boulder 12 attempts to grab and throw The Reanimator, but does not succeed. The villain takes the opportunity of Art being so close to pull out another one of his powers and tried to drain Art of his vitality. Boulder 12 is able to shake it off (with an awesome lucky roll by the way!).

The tide begins to turn the heroes’ way until The Reanimator goes after his friend. Teleporting behind Jeremy, The Reanimator blasts his friend across the room. Jeremy slams into, and through, the far wall of the sewer.

After the attack on Jeremy, the heroes go back on the offensive and really take it to The Reanimator. Boulder 12 gets a solid hit in by slamming the villain against the wall, but then is hit with powerful blast that knocks Art unconscious. Eagle 1 shoots The Reanimator as he flies by to check on his best friend and the shot blows open The Reanimator’s sternum and shows that underneath the robe, Eddie has become a skeleton and has glowing energy underneath the robe.

Sgt Sledge and Prince Lightstar both get solid attacks in on the weakened villain with Prince Lightstar cracking his skull. Before the heroes can truly take out The Reanimator, he teleports away swearing he will return (in good ol’ villain fashion).

Boulder 12 comes around and as the heroes are catching their breath they hear someone coming down the tunnel. They fear another attack, but instead it is Captain Thunder, who is the leader of the Freedom League. The League made it back quicker than they thought and hearing of the zombie attack the Captain quickly came to offer his assistance. Albeit slightly too late.

After talking with the heroes for a few moments, Captain Thunder makes an unexpected offer. He tells them that the Freedom League is expanding to try and protect the whole world. To this end, they have built a floating space station, called The Lighthouse. From here the current Freedom League will watch over the all the countries of the world. They also want to create new branches of the Freedom League in the larger cities of the world. He then offers the heroes a chance to take over for them as the Freedom City branch of the Freedom League. They quickly accept the offer.

After accepting, the heroes explain Jeremy’s situation now that he has been seen on TV with powers and considered a villain. Captain Thunder told them not to worry that he should be able to help Jeremy with his situation. Prince Lightstar then went away with the Captain and told him of the situation on Planet Serenity. Captain promised to offer assistance, but asked if a couple of weeks would be possible so that the current situation with the Freedom League could be settled. Before Captain Thunder left with Jeremy, he told the heroes to meet at Freedom Hall in two days for the unveiling of all of them as the new members of the Freedom League.

*Note- Checkmate’s player was not able to make it (sick), so while you do not see his actions above. It should be noted that he put a massive hurting on the zombies.

Adventure 5
Dead Army Walking

The weather is beginning to get chilly as early December rolls around. The bite to the air doesn’t bother the cyborg Sgt Sledge though, who is walking down the side walk of the Fens at 8 in the morning heading to his apartment. To make a living, he’s become a bouncer at a local bar. As he walks down the sidewalk seeing the last few drunks making their way off the streets he sees Mama Bones round the corner pushing her grocery cart.

The old, blind woman feels the Sgt approaching and begins a conversation with him. She tells him she sees very interesting things in his future. She tells him she sees the dead and millions of sparkling stars in his future.

Sgt Sledge doesn’t get much time to ponder the cryptic words though as one of her prophesies come true quicker than he would have thought. Around the same corner runs several hobos yelling of zombies and a dozen of the undead stagger their way up the road. Seeing Sgt as the nearest target, they begin to attack him.

As this is occurring, Checkmate has just arrived in town and is being showed a run-down apartment in the Fens by the apartment manager, Lamar. Unidentifiable stains are scattered across the old shag carpet, an old tv (equipped with rabbit-ears with aluminum foil) sits on top of a milk crate, and other equally derelict furniture makes the apartment a must have! Just as Xavier says he’ll take the apartment yells from the street draw Lamar’s attention. To Xavier’s surprise the zombies attacking is less of a surprise to Lamar as he would expect, but this is Freedom City! Lamar quickly makes his exit and tells “Whitey to lock the door and stay inside!”

Xavier doesn’t take the advise and quickly makes his way outside the apartment in time to see the battle beginning between Sgt Sledge and the Zombies. Checkmate quickly joins the fray. Slow, unintelligent dead humans are no match for the two supers and they quickly take out the dozen undead. A news reporter (he even says he is not a good one since he’s stuck in the fens) tells Sgt and Checkmate that there are more zombies attacking downtown. They quickly begin heading downtown. Checkmate flying and pulling Sgt Sledge with his telekinesis.

Prince Lightstar has made his way downtown to Freedom Hall to try and get the help of the Freedom League for Planet Serenity. While there he meets the receptionist, Cynthia, who tells him the Freedom League is currently in another dimension and should be back within a couple of days. Before he leaves one of the TV monitors shows a broadcast from downtown Freedom City of a bank being over-ran by zombies. He quickly leaves Freedom Hall to make his way to the bank.

At his apartment, Boulder 12 and Eagle 1 are deciding to call Jessica and Mallory to try and get another chance at a date after they missed their first chance at Champion’s. Doug acts as both him and Art while talking to both girls and ends up getting a chance at a skiing weekend with the girls. A vast improvement over the water in face event a few weeks prior. Their success is short lived as the same report Lightstar saw comes on their TV. They quickly jump at the chance to save the day and some publicity.

Prince Lightstar is the first to reach the bank to see the outside swarming with zombies and several walking out the front with a young teen with black hair. The boy tells Lightstar and he doesn’t want to hurt him and to just leave. When Prince Lightstar doesn’t leave, the boy’s hand glows over in a dark green energy and he causes a bubble to form around the hero that he’s initially unable to break out of.

Eagle 1 and Boulder 12 show up next and Eagle 1 takes a shot at the teenager. The shot hits and breaks the boy’s concentration and frees Prince Lightstar. The fight then is on with Sgt Sledge and Checkmate arriving. It is a short fight though as Boulder 12 is able to knock the boy through a window, into the bank.

Checkmate flies into the bank to confront the boy as he wakes up and finds out there is more to the story than him just wanting to rob the bank. Seems he is being made to by someone else. After the heroes defeat the rest of the zombies in the area they get the rest of the story from the boy.

He turns out to be Jeremy Matthews, who has been missing, along with his friend Eddie Vanston, for about a week. Both teen’s faces have been on the nightly news. Jeremy tells the heroes that they found a book of rituals several months back and have been experimenting with them. One such ritual called forth The Pumpkin King that the heroes fought back on Halloween. Jeremy told them that he did not want to continue the rituals, but Eddie wanted to continue. A week ago, they performed a ritual that got out of hand. An orb of dark green energy formed in the magic circle and began to pulse and shoot energy around the room. Before Jeremy could escape energy struck him in the back and gave him the powers he has now. Eddie stood his ground during the ritual and as the energy struck him some type of entity, a skull, flowed through the energy and into the teen.

Eddie was turned into a skeletal being with even greater powers than Jeremy. One such ability allowed him to animate the dead. Jeremy said they both went underground in old tunnels of the city. Eddie, who is wanting to be called The Reanimator, is the one that got Jeremy to rob the bank along with his undead minions.

The adventure ends as the heroes get Jeremy to take them to where The Reanimator is hiding out.

Below is Recap

The below 4 adventures are before this site was made, and therefore some of the information is not as complete and fresh on my mind as it would be if created right after the game. I tried to provide all relevant details for future adventures.

Combat is where I could not be fully descriptive as that is what had little bearing on the overall story, so that is where I am the haziest.

Adventure 4
All roads lead to The Centurion Part 2

After everything going to black again, the heroes find themselves in an even odder locale than Romeria. They find themselves in the Realm of the Caretakers. They are standing on an unseen floor with light off in the near endless void in all directions. In front of them is an old-style 70’s couch and large TV in a wooden cabinet (rabbit ears as well). Sitting at the couch is The Caretaker who is watching an odd TV show reminiscent of the Green Hornet.

Finally confronting him, he explains his job as a caretaker and what he is using the heroes for. He needs them to save different dimension’s version of The Centurion to thwart the schemes of Omega and his new minion The Pendulum. The Caretaker then explains that he needs to send them to another location to save The Centurion, to which they agree.

After darkness again, the heroes appear in a forest in Rome 800 AD. Getting their bearings, they begin to hear noises of trumpets and drums. Investigating, they find two armies on different sides of a massive valley preparing for battle. On one side is a Roman army and on the other a much larger army of barbarians. Eagle 1 uses his vision powers to determine that The Centurion of this dimension was the leader of the Roman army.

The heroes don’t get much time to react as the two armies then in a loud yell begin to run down the hill to battle. They don’t need much time as they spring into action. Boulder 12 begins to blast a trench between the two armies and Sgt Sledge jumps down in a huge crater in front of the advancing barbarian army. He then uses his thunderclap ability through the human barbarians, which quickly begin fleeing in terror. The heroes then follow the barbarian horde routing them into the hills beyond the valley.

After the route, the heroes meet with General Marcus Lededicus and his army. They quickly assume that the heroes were sent by the gods to their aid and bow to them as gods. The heroes explain they are not from the gods, but powerful beings from a far-away land. The General then takes them to his camp to be fed and for rest.

While the rest of the heroes are at camp, Eagle 1 is scouting around the surrounding terrain and encounters Shadowdart who tries to persuade/seduce Eagle 1. It doesn’t work and in a aerial dog fight Eagle 1 begins to lead her back towards the camp to get aid from the other heroes. Boulder 12 and Sgt Sledge head out to help Eagle 1, leaving Prince Lightstar to protect the general.

A very wise move as about the time the two leave, another threat appears, this time at the camp. The Grey Mattock begins to go through the camp, knocking soldiers around like they were nothing. The Prince quickly jumps into the fray and attacks the giant hammer-wielding brute.

After Boulder 12 and Sgt Sledge get to Eagle 1, the fight quickly turns against Shadowdart as she gets taken out by Boulder 12. The fight against The Grey Mattock is a struggle for Prince Lightstar, who is fighting a stronger/tougher opponent. The other heroes arrive just in time to intervene and help take out the massive Grey Mattock.

After the fight, the heroes are again teleported back to the Caretaker to talk once more before finally being sent back to where they were before, although a few hours later. That means, Art and Doug arrived back at Champion’s just in time to see their dates leaving and for Art to get a face full of water.

Adventure 3
All roads lead to The Centurion Part 1

Begins with Sgt Sledge waking up and finding himself in an alley in the Fens section of Freedom City. He doesn’t remember who he is or how he got there. As he tries to recover his memories, he sees Mama Bones walking by the alley, pushing her grocery cart. He then sees her get jumped by a thug who is trying to rob her for something. He intervenes and helps Mama by tossing the thug around like a rag-doll. She tells him some very unusual stuff about how special he is and how important he is and then wanders off. Just as Sgt Sledge begins to sort that out, everything becomes hazy and then goes to black.

Prince Lightstar wanders through Wharton State Forest looking for his space ship that crashed in the forest after escaping from Planet Serenity. He finds the ship and begins to send out a signal to reach the rebellion group back on his home planet. Finally contacting General Kalaris, they speak for a time about how desperate times are on Serenity fighting against Star Khan’s forces. Lightstar promises to come with aid, and mentions that he has found powerful heroes that he hopes will come. After the discussion, as with Sgt Sledge, everything becomes hazy and everything goes to black for him.

Eagle 1 and Boulder 12 are going to a double date with two girls Art met at a party: Malorie and Jessica. They are going to eat at Champion’s, a super-hero motif restaurant that occasionally has heroes stop by. When they pull up to the restaurant and begin to enter, both black out as the others.

An intense battle ensues across the city between the heroes and Shadow Reaver, finally culminating in the destruction of the armored villain in a collaborative offensive attack by the heroes.

After the battle, they find that the person Shadow Reaver was attempting to kidnap greatly resembled their own dimension’s The Centurion. They did not get to talk with him for longer than a minute before the heroes again all see everything go to black.

Adventure 2
Trick or Treat the Pumpkin King is here

In the Lantern Hill Cemetery, two young teen boys are sitting amongst the tombstones. Around them in a painted circle with many arcane symbols on the ground and a book in one of their laps. The other looks very worried about what they are about to do: use a ritual to call forth the Pumpkin King. The other, who is reading the ritual calls the other a wimp, coward, etc. and continues on with the ritual.

When the ritual ends, dark purple light shines up from the ritual circle and the The Pumpkin King appears before the two boys. Both run in fear from the tall villain and he leaves with a chuckle realizing that the next day is Halloween.

All of the heroes wind up in Lantern Hill on Halloween night for a variety of reasons. Prince Lightstar hears of this celebration and goes to experience the event. It reminds him of a similar celebration on Planet Serenity. When he arrives, he begins to be followed by a man in a black suit.

Eagle 1 and Boulder 12 take Doug’s little sister, Sheryl, to Lantern Hill for the celebration and dress up for the event as well.

The Free Thinker is riding with Scott Hamilton, CEO of USNet, who asks him about overseeing a deal to purchase the Megaplex in Greenbank for use as a location for virtual reality research and to eventually use as a place to present and sell to the public. They end up in Lantern Hill and discuss over coffee while watching the festivities.

When night falls, the costumed kids are taken to Lantern Hill Cemetery for a small “scare” and party. While there, the Pumpkin King appears and forms a portal to another dimension and draws many of the kids into the dimension.

The heroes investigate to see a large dark bubble of energy where much of the cemetery was and seems to be expanding. They quickly decide to go into the bubble to see where the kids went to. Winding up in the Pumpkin King’s dimension, they find themselves in a dark forest of leaf-less trees cracking in the wind. They also begin to hear a soft chanting up ahead.

They follow the sound and find the Pumpkin King in the center of a field surrounded by the kids, which are chanting.

During the ensuing fight, Pumpkin King uses Sheryl to against the heroes, but Eagle 1 pins her to a tree with his gun. Eventually defeating the Pumpkin King, the heroes and kids are returned back to Freedom City.

Adventure 1
Don't steal from an evil genius!

In this adventure the heroes are all at the Hanover Institute of Technology for their own reasons, but all end up watching a student of HIT, Jared Mallory, showing his presentation on holographic technology.

The Free Thinker is there for a meeting with Professor Thadeus Mitchell, one of the deans of the school, to try and sell USNet’s internet service to the school. The meeting goes very well. “Our browser is so smart, it is almost like it reads your mind.” Richard tells the Professor, and with a little use of telepathy does just that to search for exactly what Prof Mitchell was looking for. After the meeting, Professor Mitchell invites Richard to the presentation.

Prince Lightstar works as a security guard at HIT since landing on earth and is at the door of the presentation hall.

Both Eagle 1 and Boulder 12 are going to the presenation in Art’s jeep because Jared is one of Doug’s friends.

The presentation began very interesting, with Jared showing his new holographic technology that uses something called “Micro Mist” that allows for less energy usage and better quality image than previous technology. Then the presentation is brought to a halt as the ceiling of the building is blown through by a blast from a Deranged Bot.

Ten of the bots enter the hall and encircle the room, with one grabbing Jared. One of the bots lays a metallic disc on the floor and from the disc an image appears of Dr Deranged in his multi-plaid villainy. He begins to describe Jared as a thief, who took his ideas of micro mist. Meanwhile the heroes are all trying to get away to get into their costumes/armor suits to help battle the robotic menace.

A battle ensues between the heroes, who don’t know each other besides Eagle 1 and Boulder 12, and the Deranged Bots. The fight turns to the heroes’ favor and in a last ditch effort, one of the bots tries to escape with Jared.

After the battle, Jared explains that he found notes on an old disc he located in the lab and did use those, but never actually stole the ideas from Dr Deranged. The heroes quickly escape from the hall when they begin to hear sirens.


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