Freedom City Stories

Adventure 6

Battle against The Reanimator

The previous adventure ended with the heroes beating Jeremy Matthews and the zombies created Jeremy’s friend Eddie, who now goes by The Reanimator. They convinced Jeremy, who was being pushed into robbing the bank by Eddie, to take them to where Eddie was located so they could stop the zombie invasion.

Jeremy agreed to help and the heroes headed the heart of downtown with Jeremy in the lead. The news copters were buzzing around following them. Jeremy took them to the back of one of the large office buildings downtown to a large water runoff grate that was ripped apart and a ramp went down to the tunnels below. The heroes, along with Jeremy, slowly made their way through a long stretch of sewer, taking the occasional turn.

After about ten minutes they began to hear the definite sounds of zombies up ahead: moans and groans that were unmistakable for the undead. They scouted ahead to find a central sewer at least 40 feet high with tunnels and pipes branching off in all directions. In this central sewer was a second wave of the zombie horde moving about the knee deep water adding their own stench of decay to the horrible smells already present.

Before a plan could be concocted, a light from one of the other tunnels caught their eye. From that tunnel stumbled in another group of a dozen or more zombies along with The Reanimator himself, who floated into the central sewer. To catch the villain unaware, the heroes quickly went on the offensive against The Reanimator.

Eagle 1 shot at the skeletal enemy as well as Sgt Sledge and Boulder 12 taking turns hurling each other at The Reanimator. All to no effect. It appears Jeremy was not kidding that Eddie truly gained far more power from the ritual.

From there the battle went The Reanimator’s way for a while. Prince Lightstar took a blast that was intended for Jeremy. The Reanimator showed his power to teleport, which Eagle 1, with his vision powers, was able to determine that the temperature in the location that the villain is about to teleport to plummets to near freezing right before he uses his power. While it did not come up in this battle, Eagle 1 has an ace up his sleeve for a future fight possible.

Sgt Sledge uses his thunderclap ability to deafen The Reanimator. Jeremy gets through Eddie’s forcefield with an energy blast. Boulder 12 attempts to grab and throw The Reanimator, but does not succeed. The villain takes the opportunity of Art being so close to pull out another one of his powers and tried to drain Art of his vitality. Boulder 12 is able to shake it off (with an awesome lucky roll by the way!).

The tide begins to turn the heroes’ way until The Reanimator goes after his friend. Teleporting behind Jeremy, The Reanimator blasts his friend across the room. Jeremy slams into, and through, the far wall of the sewer.

After the attack on Jeremy, the heroes go back on the offensive and really take it to The Reanimator. Boulder 12 gets a solid hit in by slamming the villain against the wall, but then is hit with powerful blast that knocks Art unconscious. Eagle 1 shoots The Reanimator as he flies by to check on his best friend and the shot blows open The Reanimator’s sternum and shows that underneath the robe, Eddie has become a skeleton and has glowing energy underneath the robe.

Sgt Sledge and Prince Lightstar both get solid attacks in on the weakened villain with Prince Lightstar cracking his skull. Before the heroes can truly take out The Reanimator, he teleports away swearing he will return (in good ol’ villain fashion).

Boulder 12 comes around and as the heroes are catching their breath they hear someone coming down the tunnel. They fear another attack, but instead it is Captain Thunder, who is the leader of the Freedom League. The League made it back quicker than they thought and hearing of the zombie attack the Captain quickly came to offer his assistance. Albeit slightly too late.

After talking with the heroes for a few moments, Captain Thunder makes an unexpected offer. He tells them that the Freedom League is expanding to try and protect the whole world. To this end, they have built a floating space station, called The Lighthouse. From here the current Freedom League will watch over the all the countries of the world. They also want to create new branches of the Freedom League in the larger cities of the world. He then offers the heroes a chance to take over for them as the Freedom City branch of the Freedom League. They quickly accept the offer.

After accepting, the heroes explain Jeremy’s situation now that he has been seen on TV with powers and considered a villain. Captain Thunder told them not to worry that he should be able to help Jeremy with his situation. Prince Lightstar then went away with the Captain and told him of the situation on Planet Serenity. Captain promised to offer assistance, but asked if a couple of weeks would be possible so that the current situation with the Freedom League could be settled. Before Captain Thunder left with Jeremy, he told the heroes to meet at Freedom Hall in two days for the unveiling of all of them as the new members of the Freedom League.

*Note- Checkmate’s player was not able to make it (sick), so while you do not see his actions above. It should be noted that he put a massive hurting on the zombies.


That’s right, I got lucky on the role… was awesome, a mere trifle though really. I’m the epitome of awesomeness when it comes to rolling. Well, until I got knocked unconscious that is…

Adventure 6

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