Freedom City Stories

Adventure 7

Introducing the new Freedom League!

This adventure was a very roleplay heavy session, with just one small skirmish combat to add some variety to the night’s game. The game began with each of the heroes landing outside of Freedom Hall in downtown Freedom City. The last adventure ended with Captain Thunder inviting the heroes to become the new Freedom City branch of their growing global Freedom League. The heroes were asked to come to Freedom Hall two days after the invite.

After going inside Freedom Hall, the heroes meet Cynthia, Freedom Halls robotic receptionist who calls up to Captain Thunder. The Captain comes downstairs to meet the heroes and begins to show them the private sections of Freedom Hall.

While being shown the rest of their new base, the heroes meet Daedalus as well as several other members of the Freedom League that are not in their new satellite base The Lighthouse. Eagle 1 shows he is rather starstruck by Daedalus, but does impress the veteran hero with the abilities he was able incorporate into the two armor suits.

In the sub-levels of Freedom Hall, the heroes are showed the geo-thermal power battery that powers the Freedom League Base as well as the training room. Captain Thunder leaves the heroes in the training room alone for a quick test of their combat and teamwork abilities. The Captain unleashes several powerful robots into the training room to fight against the new Freedom Leagers. The heroes made fairly quick work of the robots, with Eagle 1 snaring one out of the fight and Sgt Sledge destroying one with a spectacular feat of strength. Captain Thunder is left impressed with the new heroes’ abilities.

After the test, the heroes are fed and are told that they will be probationary members of the League for upwards of a year. During this time they will be watched rather closely and can be terminated at any time based on poor performance. Captain Thunder also tells them that while they can choose to either live at the Hall or off, one member will have to be on watch at all times and all members have to be ready to come at a moment’s notice.

Captain Thunder and the members of the League currently at Freedom Hall have already called a press conference out front to announce the newest members of the Freedom League. They go through an explanation of the Lighthouse along with their plans to expand the League to a global force of good, with teams in all major cities. The heroes are then called out to the press and asked a multitude of questions. The adventure ends with the press conference ending.


Eagle 1 is soooooo sexy – Valery

Adventure 7

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