Jeremy Matthews

Jeremy is first seen with his friend Eddie performing a ritual on the night before Halloween in the middle of Lantern Hill Cemetery. He is worried about performing the ritual, but Eddie continues on and in the end they summon The Pumpkin King who then terrorizes the children on Halloween night.

Next time Jeremy is seen is with a horde of zombies robbing a bank in downtown Freedom City. The heroes defeat Jeremy, but find out that he is being forced to by his friend Eddie, who now goes by The Reanimator. The heroes, along with Jeremy are able to defeat The Reanimator and his zombie army in a massive battle in the sewers beneath the city. After the defeat of Eddie, Jeremy is not sure where to go since he has been seen all over the news using his powers and robbing the bank. Captain Thunder of the Freedom League shows up to offer the heroes a chance to join the league as well as offer to help Jeremy with his situation.

Jeremy shows himself to be a relatively normal teenage kid, but was easily pushed into villainous acts by the more commanding presence of his friend Eddie. With the help of the heroes, he showed courage during the fight against the Reanimator. A courage that hopefully will carry on afterwards.

Appearance: Average height and build for a teen, Jeremy has medium length dark hair.

Known Powers: Able to control some type of unknown mystical energy. With it he is able to fly, shoot blasts of energy, and is able to form solid structures out of the energy (orbs that can trap people etc.)

Adventure 2 without powers
Adventure 5 first time with powers
Adventure 6

Jeremy Matthews

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