The Reanimator

Real Name: Eddie Vanston
The Reanimator first appears as one of two teens who performed a ritual in the Lantern Hill Cemetary to summon The Pumpkin King. Afterwards we find out that he, along with Jeremy Matthews performed another ritual that quickly went out of control. Ectoplasmic energy surged in the room and struck Jeremy as he ran away, then the full force of the energy surged into Eddie along with what appeared to be a skeletal face in the energy. The old Eddie was long gone and The Reanimator remained. He pushed Jeremy into robbing a bank in downtown Freedom City with the help of his zombie minions that were invading the city. The heroes were able to defeat The Reanimator in their first battle, but he was able to get away swearing to return

Known Powers Able to summon a seemingly limitless supply of zombies. Has the ability to shoot blasts of necrotic energy, near instantaneous teleportation, and able to drain the vitality of others with a touch. All magical in origin.

Appearance: A tall, imposing white skeleton in a blue robe and hood. Eyes glow a dark purple. It was found out that he is glowing with energy underneath the robe he wears

Zombies The mindless minions he is able to summon. They do not appear to be a real threat to the heroes, being no more powerful than a normal human and moving slower. The only chance they have against the heroes is via massive numbers. They are useful for scaring normal people and as fodder for The Reanimator in his schemes.

Adventure 2 as a normal human
Adventure 6

The Reanimator

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